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John Kelleher - Woodworker


The Boarded Bookcase


Saturdays and Sundays 9am - 5pm (two sessions per class)


This class focuses on learning the fundamentals of hand tool work. The design is very simple, but the end product is a bookcase that is rock solid and will put to shame the, ubiquitous, Ikea Billy Bookshelf. Made of, locally available, easy to work, Eastern White Pine, this case will come together with ease. With only a minimal set of tools, a panel saw, jack plane, smoothing plane, a single chisel and a small hand router, this bookcase can be built in your own home, apartment or back yard. No power tools required.


This class will be taught over the course of two 9am to 5pm days in my small shop with an hour lunch break. It is a one on one class, you will have my full, undivided attention. My shop is fully equipped and heated.


I will demonstrate each of the tools and joints required to build the bookcase, then the student will complete the remaining joinery. We will learn the techniques behind precise measuring and marking, cutting the rabbets and housings, fitting and joining the boards. We will glue and nail the project together (using hand cut nails). All tools and hardware will be provided as well as a detailed set of plans and tool recommendations for the student to bring home.


To register, either contact me directly at:

(281) 974-9318




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